Training Review

“Dedication to craft. During the time I have known Ms. Jordan and observed her training. I can say without a doubt consummate professional. Dedicated to teaching the warrior craft and ensuring the safety of her students and peers a cut above the rest. Her attention to detail and great work ethic lend credit to who she is and how she has trained those to survive the fight. Train to fight, fight to live. Ms. Jordan is that and with a balance of warrior and healer. The Tip of the Spear, I recommend Ms. Jordan for any operation and would work with her any day.”

– Primary Instructor and Trainer for Tactical Threat Engagement for Officer Survival, May 17, 2017, Recommender was a client of Dr. Jordan’s

Leadership Review

“Absolutely the best boss on earth. Why? because she has character and morals. She always thinks positive which provides great moral for her team. She exudes leadership! She is detail oriented, exhibits excellent problem-solving skills and maintains neutrality to ensure all issues that arise are resolved properly! She is also approachable and shows patience at all times despite how challenging the person or situation is. The bottom line, she is an asset to any company that employs her!”

– Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, March 25, 2017, Recommender reported directly to Dr. Jordan

Personal Review

“I met Ashley in 2010, one of the first things that I noticed about her was how compassionate and passionate she is about her work. Whatever obstacle or task that’s in front of her she pursues with focus and purpose. She has remained loyal, consistent and reliable over the many years I’ve known her.”

– Consultant/LMFT in Private Practice, March 22, 2017, Recommender and Dr. Jordan were students together

Instruction Review

“Ms. Jordan is dependable, loyal, and trustworthy — if she accepts an assignment you know it will be done effectively and efficiently. Ms. Jordan writes curriculum, prepares organized lesson plans and delivers material in a way that makes students eager to learn. She understands teamwork and cooperation and is a leader that is respected by her peers, administrative and management staff.”

– Board Member for a Foundation, March 7, 2017, Recommender managed Dr. Jordan director

Clinical Treatment Review

“Ashley is a hardworking, dedicated and knowledgeable therapist. I highly recommend for any position!”

– Clinical Outreach Representative, Psychologist, Yoga Instructor, Doula, February 16, 2017, Recommender and Dr. Jordan

Student Review

“Instructor Ashley Jordan is willing to share a wealth of knowledge and experience without holding anything back. Everything covered was realistic and will definitely transfer to real world experiences. I look forward to the opportunity to learn from and work with again in the future.”

– Residential Security Team (RST) Lead, October 29, 2016, Recommender was a client of Dr. Jordan’s

Law Enforcement Review

“Ashley and I served together at the Police Department. She was a Field Training Officer and much of her time spent was mentoring younger Police Officers and Military Police Officers. She is definitely BRIGHT, MATURE and VERY ARTICULATE. Ashley’s greatest strength was the ability to think in her own feet, make sound decision and her reputation in taking care of her subordinate. A rare breed who thinks beyond her role only as a Police Officer and understand the broader picture of how she fits and contribute to the needs of the entire organization. Knowing her made me a better person, a servant leader and an effective Chief of Police. Her professionalism, friendship and wry sense of humor is always comforting and truly a blessing.”

– Special Agent/Criminal Investigator, October 22, 2016, Recommender managed Dr. Jordan directly

Clinical Psychotherapist Review

“Ashley is compassionate, educated, resourceful and efficient. She is also courteous and professional and excellent in implementing and maintaining”

– Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist; Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist; Clinical Traumatologist, October 25, 2016, Recommender managed Dr. Jordan directly. 

Public Safety Review

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley Jordan for several years now and find her to be highly knowledgeable, dedicated, and very good reaching many varied personalities. Her understanding of the subjects she teaches is outstanding, and she makes the information clear for the students to understand.”

– Security Training Professional October 24, 2016, Recommender worked with Dr. Jordan in different groups

Undergraduate Student Review

“I attended one of Ashley’s courses and truly enjoyed it. She was a very respectful and patient instructor who worked independently with each student in areas that seemed to be their weakness. Her course was engaging and truly created a welcoming learning environment.”

– Freelancer, December 19, 2016, Recommender was a client of Dr. Jordan’s

Organizational Review

“Ashley has the rare combination of intuitiveness and detail-follow-through. I highly recommend her.”

– Psychotherapist in Private Practice, LMFT , February 9, 2017, Recommender and Dr. Jordan were students together